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Music Box Oxford

Drumming classes for the whole family.

Music Box Oxford

Welcome to Beatbox, the Musicbox Drumming Page. Few things in life are more fun than drumming together. Drumming in a group is the best way to improve rhythm, coordination, listening, memory and concentration.

Beat Box is a drum - group for families: it is part of our ethos that we actively encourage parents to come and make music with their children. To this end, parents and children together are given priority for places. Thereafter, we are happy for children aged 7+ or teenagers and adults without a child to come and join.

We meet every week for a 45 min session.


We explore a variety of rhythms derived from the West African Djembe tradition. In a fun and playful way, we learn how these different rhythms work together, and we arrange them into exciting performance pieces.

Not just drumming

There will also be some singing, body percussion, rhythm games and movement to support our Djembe playing, making this class an excellent opportunity for building musicianship skills which support the playing of any other instrument.

Music Box Oxford

What: African drumming, rhythm, movement and singing

Where: West Oxford Community Association (WOCA) Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0BT

When: Weekly on Mondays, starting 10th of September at 4:15- 5pm.

Cost: Parent £5 + first child £3 + second child £2
Unaccompanied participants £5

Teacher: Tobias Sturmer


But I don’t have rhythm!

Don’t worry. No prior experience is needed and within a few minutes you and your child will be part of a rocking drum group. Yes, it is that simple.

Have your own drum

We’ll give you one of our drums when you come the first time to see if it is for you, so please book your trial session in advance. Once you have joined, having your own instrument and practicing outside class helps the learning and supports the group, but above all, it is time well spent with your child. We have sourced good drums for a good price, which we pass on to you. We have also kept the termly fee lower than for other groups in recognition of the fact that you will need to invest in a drum. We are happy to help sell drums on when the time comes.

'We joined the family drumming class primarily for my son to try something new. We were a little sceptical at first: how engaging and useful could it be for adults and children at the same time? However, it worked out great. Tobias keeps the younger ones engaged with wonderful stories and funny chanting lines accompanying the music pieces, and the lessons are often paced fast enough for adults to lose track if not paying full attention. But most importantly, it is so much fun for all! It has also helped to build confidence in my son. Initially, he would hide his face whenever somebody so much as looked at him, let alone asked him to play on his own. A few months later and my 6 years old was able to play solo beside older children at the end of year concert; I could not believe my eyes. We can hardly wait till the new term starts and drumming classes resume!'